Jeff Hunt RYT 200

Jeff has been practicing for over 14 years. His classes are challenging and fun while teaching students to be safe and to know the true meaning of yoga.

Nikki Hebert RYT 200

Nikki began her yoga journey as a way to improve her running abilities and to recover from her training. Nikki continues to enjoy her yoga practice and strives to share the many benefits of yoga with others. Nikki teaches at the Barn and Decatur Library.

Sue McElroy RYT 200

Sue has been practicing yoga for over 4 years. She began late but has become a passionate believer of the health benefits and mental balance. She teaches chair yoga in Shelbyville at HSHS Good Shepard, The Zone/EPOC, and on Zoom

Kathleen Owen RYT 500

Barbara S. MillerMaharishi brought Transcendental Meditation (TM) to the US in the early ’70s. Mantra meditation became part of my life during college when I began TM and studied philosophy, dance, and English Literature. My asana practice grew into a daily habit. From my love of asana practice, my desire to learn more about yoga philosophy and asana training led me to Connie and her yoga Teacher Training Program. Kathleen teaches at St. Johns’s, Decatur Library, and subs at the Barn.

Jennifer Wester RYT 200

Jennifer has been practicing yoga for 8 years Jennifer believes that yoga and its principles are for everyone, at every age. The connection between mind, breath, and body is something we all need to be aware of; not only for our practice but daily living. Classes with Jennifer are mindful, strengthening, and informative. She teaches a variety of yoga flow classes at The Barn (Yoga @ Connie’s) in Niantic, IL. Additionally, she instructs children’s themed classes at local schools.

Annette Gilson RYT 200

In 2017, Annette was inspired by Josh Manning’s yoga style that developed strength and flexibility which encouraged improvements in both adult and children sports. As a member of the Decatur Running Club, yoga continues to improve my running strength and endurance while reducing life stresses. I enjoy sharing the Brahmin yoga practice with others so that they may experience the building of strength, endurance, and flexibility all while breathing and reducing life stresses. Annette teaches at the DISC and the Barn.
        Morgan Norsen RYT200

Morgan has always been very active and had a passion for health, fitness, and helping others.  Yoga entered her life a few years ago when she just needed to slow down from all the craziness and stress in her busy life. She loves what yoga does, both physically and spiritually, for the mind and body to help find balance in one’s life. Morgan believes that EVERYONE needs yoga in their life to help balance out the positives and the negatives. “We all have something. It’s just different…

Sue Weinstein RYT 200

Sue discovered that yoga not only helped her in those areas but also improved her energy level and strengthened her spiritual practice. The biomechanics of yoga and making it safely accessible to EVERY-BODY is of particular interest to Sue. She currently teaches at her home and the Decatur Library.