Yoga at Connies

Virtual Yoga Classes on Zoom

Schedule for Vitual Classes- One Hour Free Yoga  Class

Morning Classes ID’s  914-215-121

Evening Classes ID’s   506 617 610


Intensity: Easy/ Moderate

8:30 am Power Yoga- Connie Pease    

6:30 pm Power Yoga- Connie Pease


Intensity- Easy

8:30 am  Beginner Yoga -Connie Pease


Intensity- Easy/Moderate

6:30 pm- Sweet Yoga Flow Nikki Hebert 

Intensity- Easy/Moderate
8:30 am -All Levels Yoga Connie Pease

Intensity– Easy/Moderate
6:30 pm  All Levels Yoga  Connie Pease
How to Attend a Class:

1.Download the Zoom app and Log On.

2. I will post on Facebook the Meeting ID and Password.

3. Look for Tab “Join Meeting” and Paste “Meeting Id”.

4. Enter and Please Have Video/Audio On Mute