Connie Pease

Congratulations To Our Yoga Teacher Training Graduates!

We are so incredibly proud of our Yoga Teacher Training Class of 2020. Not only did they achieve mastery of yoga anatomy, history, philosophy, cueing, sequencing, and modifications, but they did it all in the middle of a global pandemic.

It would have been easy for any one of them to quit, to take the crisis as an opportunity to back down from the goal they had set for themselves. With so much of 2020 being cancelled, no one would have blamed them for letting go of this dream.

But they didn’t quit.

They showed up for themselves, and they showed up for each other. They laughed together, cried together, studied together and practiced together, even though they couldn’t be together.

And they did it with grace, poise and incredible resilience.

We are honored to have shared in this part of their yoga journey, and we can’t wait to see where their paths lead.