Yin-Yasa Iyengar Approach

Yin-Yasa ” Iyengar Approach
First half of the class starts with modified seated and balance poses with a personal assessment of your body alignment and learning about your spine . The second half of Yin-Yasa includes seated and reclining poses that safety stretches muscles which strengthens your joints, and held passively for up to 5 minutes or longer. There are 3 key principles to the practice:
1.Softness: The muscles are relaxed and cool (not warm or hot). Come into the pose to your appropriate edge – where you feel something (Yin is not Restorative Yoga aka the yoga of being).
2.Stillness: Remain still without moving, fidgeting or adjusting (unless there is pain or panic).
3.Steadiness: Stay in the posture passively for time (1 minute).

Paul Grilley made it very clear that his YIN Yoga is for people who have practiced yoga regularly (daily) for at least 2 years. I do not teach this type of Yin -this class is for everyone because we do not take you into deep without knowing what you should be feeling…

Wednesday 6:30 pm

Dates: September 21st . 28th
Contact Connie at conniepease@hotmail.com
Drop In Fee- 9.00
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