True Passion for Pets!


The locals in Decatur, Illinois came up with an idea to combine a no-kill pet shelter with a yoga studio to host a class featuring adoptable adult cats. The results were wonderful and loads of fun!

#1 Cats make excellent yoga companions!

The locals in Decatur, Illinois came up with an innovative idea to combine a no-kill pet shelter, Homeward Bound, and a yoga studio called Yoga at Connie’s, to host a class featuring adoptable adult cats. The results were wonderful and loads of fun!

#2 Yoga Teacher, Connie & Students Mingle With Cats


#3 Six Adoptable Cats Joined The Activities


#4 Cat Lovers Joined To Help Support The Shelter


#5 The Unconventional Idea Is A Great Success!

From one cat yoga class, participants raised more than $500 for the shelter. This money will go toward helping the other kitties who couldn’t join in class that day. But in addition, one of the class cats was adopted and now has a new home.


#6 Human-Cat ‘Bonding’ Is Important For Adoption


#7 Highlighting Adult Cats Is Wonderful Too

Often times potential pet owners favor adopting kittens over adult cats, but when meeting the adults in yoga class, people notice they’re generally “calmer, more easy-going personalities.” AND additionally the fun part is they make ideal yoga companions.


Homeward Bound Pet Shelter

In July 2005, Homeward Bound became a division of Macon Resources, Inc. (MRI). It’s a great partnership that helps pets and people with disabilities.

The mission of Homeward Bound Pet Shelter is to shelter and rehabilitate relinquished cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies until they can be permanently adopted into loving homes.

Homeward Bound Pet Shelter maintains a stress-free environment for their cats and dogs while they wait for their new families. Cats are free to roam in their rooms, and dogs have visiting rooms and a fenced outside play area.

All animals are spayed/neutered, kept up-to-date on vaccines, and microchipped. Plus, they’ve been tested for heartworms or feline leukemia/FIV and kept on monthly flea control and heartworm protection.

Homeward Bound Pet Shelter is located at 1720 East Huston Drive, Decatur, IL. Their phone number is 217-876-1266.

Yoga at Connie’s

Yoga at Connies‘ mission is to create a safe, calming space in which to practice a yoga series that inspires, relaxes and energizes.

Yoga at Connie’s is dedicated to helping you foster conditions of optimal health in your body. They are committed practitioners of Yoga with a focus that extends beyond the level of simply exercise or relaxation. They explore movement as a pathway to greater ease and healing in the body.  Their certified instructors guide with passion and knowledge and believe in learning for life. Yoga at Connie’s wants all to be healthier in body, mind, and spirit, and yoga can help bring some into this healthy state of balance.

Yoga At Connie’s
5242 Niantic Rd
Latham, IL 62543
Phone: (217) 620-3306


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