Fearless Warriors at Any Age




We want you to know that whether you are turning thirty (or forty, or eighty!) or even if you just want to practice in a stronger, more resilient way, you are not alone.  In this two part workshop, you will find your feet, develop strong legs, increase abdominal strength , and develop a strong home practice.

Pre-registration required. Contact conniepease@hotmail.com or 217-620-3306 for more details.  RYTs receive 4 hours continuing education credits for each weekend, applicable towards Yoga Alliance continuing education requirements.


Weekend # 2 

April 8th Sunday 1-5


  1. Community and Connection-KNEES AND HIPS
  2. Be the Change- SHOULDERS
  3. Find Strength through your FEET
  4. Steady is the New Strong- LEGS
  5. Have faith, Abdominal Strength
  6.  Let Practice

Cost $25.00


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