Class Descriptions

 All Levels Yoga

This all levels class teaches the classic yoga postures through a deep awareness of correct alignment and precise actions in the body. Highly therapeutic, this technique helps to refine your poses while it trains the mind to remain alert, focused and composed. This class is intended to help you get yoga in your body and to learn the language of yoga.

YogaEase -Yoga Sculpting

Connie has created this class from the teachings of Sadie Nardini and Shiva Rae. An invigorating and ever-evolving class that will expand your knowledge of yoga postures and how your body moves. This all-levels class has inventive and thoughtful sequences of sun salutations, standing and seated postures, back bending, and inversions guided by a steady breath to tone and calm the mind. The practice focuses on the core of yoga poses on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic. Fun music, meditation and humor are intertwined to create a full experience!


Immersed in yoga that brings a greater understanding and a deeper bow of gratitude for all the gifts this great practice of union with the Self. The discovery of the transformational power of yoga will help lift so many veils in your life and will encourage you to see that your  practice as a channel for personal creativity.

Reflect, Re-connect, Renew Yoga

Suitable for All Levels- We synchronize movement and breath to cultivate a flowing, meditative practice. Paying equal attention to posture and transition, we build an awareness of the energetic and structural benefits of asana. Modifications will be given.a significant amount of focus on correct alignment, often using props to help students learn the appropriate body positions.

Yin/Yang Yoga

A class that balances the newly developed Yin yoga practice for the first half of the class with traditional Yang yoga practices for the second half of the class.Yin-Yang Yoga combines yin yoga with a flow practice. The Yin portion of this class is a gentle, quiet, and meditative practice that teaches us to relax and accept ourselves just as we are. All poses are done on the floor so that the muscles can relax and allow the deep connective tissues surrounding the hips, thighs, and lower back to be gently stretched. The Yang portion of this class allows us to integrate this openness and awareness into a sense of steadiness and alignment with a short, gentle vinyasa flow in our practice.  This class is suitable for all levels.

Gentle / Sustainable Yoga

This beginner/gentle class that combines yoga postures, breathing, and meditation. This class is geared toward students who wish to move at a slower pace. Sustainable Yoga approach includes carefully orchestrated movements, controlled pressure, and well-measured stretches, including range of motion exercises. Postures may be approached in gradual steps, with plenty of time to focus on breathing and repetition so that the practice is simple to do and easy to remember  No Yoga experience is required.  We also encourage longtime yoga practitioners to occasionally try these classes to continue to build upon their fundamental learning of yoga.


In vinyasa we synchronize movement and breath to cultivate a flowing, meditative practice. Paying equal attention to posture and transition, we build an awareness of the energetic and structural benefits of asana. Everyone welcome – modifications will be offered for a variety of levels.

Free 30 Minute Guided Meditation:

Our 30 minute Guided Meditation Class -Calm your mind, settle your body and find a softer focus to your day. Meditation is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

 Just for Fun-Latin Aerobic Dance:

A total body, high energy, cardio dance class that infuses styles of dance including …rhythm of high energy dance moves to lively Latin music.


Those with acute injuries or chronic conditions are recommended to start with Basics, but all classes allow for adaptation to whatever ability. Sequences are designed to give an “all-body” program appropriate for the once-a-week student as well as the everyday practitioner.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!