Eye of the Tiger Practice – Are You Ready for a Challenge


February 24th  at 5:00-7:00 pm
Cost: 15.00
Suggested Intermediate and Advanced Students
Please contact Connie 620-3306
Prepayment Required and 20 spaces
If you are looking for a challenging Yoga Practice this is it-The Eye of the Tiger practice is designed as a ultimate practice to maximize strength, stamina, and flexibility in all the major parts of the body. It covers all the main classes of asana including: Surya Namaskar, standing poses, handbalancings, inversions, backbends, hip-openers, forward bends, and twists.


Strengthen The Spine and Neck -Ease Pain and Stiffness with Simple Changes to Your Alignment

 “A fundamental aspect of yoga is the awakening of the spine’s ability to undulate and twist”
April 20th  1:00-5:00 pm
Classes will include asana practice as well as discussion of the following topics.
Anatomy and developmental stages of the spine
Discussion and assessment of spinal movements
Spinal orientation to gravity – sequencing and practice
The breath and the spine.
Tips for keeping the spine safe in yoga, including modifications and use of props
Yoga philosophy and how it informs what and how we practice
Contact Connie 217-620-3306 Cost is $50

2018-2019 Yoga at the Library


Calendar for Instructors


29 Jennifer Wester



5 Rhonda Daniel

12 Jeff Hunt

19 Sue Weinstein

26 Jennifer Wester



5 Kathleen Owen

12 Connie Pease

19 Sue Weinstein

26 Jennifer Wester



2 Kathleen Owen

9 Nikki Hebert

16 Sue Weinstein

23 Connie Pease

30 Jennifer Wester



7 Kathleen Owen

14 Sue Weinstein

21 Jennifer Wester

28 Nikki Hebert



The Barn Studio ( Yoga at Connies) welcomes classes & events in the arts, movement, healing & transformation and is available to rent for your classes, workshops, group meetings, small performances and events. Starting in October….

With 1200 square feet of teaching space, Refurbished barn, beautiful natural light, an additional prop/cloak room, and entry lobby . The Barn offers a warm, simple and quiet space. The Barn is located on the Pease Family Farm . It is a place filled with life, laughter, connecting with each other, and inquiring within.

Amenities: We have 20 folding chairs, 25 bolsters, 50 woolen blankets, cotton blankets, straps, blocks, wedges, eye pillows, and an Bose docking station. The studio has various lighting options from cozy to bright. A small lobby with sign-in desk,  and 1 Restroom is available.

Rates: Call for pricing.

Special Weekend and Daylong Rates for workshops.

Attendance: We estimate that the room can comfortably hold about 30 people for yoga and about 45 for seated events.

Ample parking is available at the building.

Advertising: We are happy to include your class or event in our newsletter , e-news and on our website, as long as we receive your information prior to printing/posting dates.

Insurance: Yoga/movement instructors & therapists/healers need to carry professional liability insurance which names the studio as additional insured—contact us for specifications. Others generally do not need insurance to rent the space. Note: Insurance is required for some types of events. Please contact us for details.

Cleaning: You are responsible for leaving the studio as you found it. Renters need to plan time to clean up the studio after a workshop, performance or event.

Pets: Please no pets in the studio unless it is an assistance animal.

The owner, Connie Pease, reserves the right to partake in events, workshops, and classes held at the studio free of charge.

Contact Connie for more info -217-620-3306

Silent Vipassana Meditation




Sept. 14th 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Silent Vipassana Meditation

I am not going to sugar- coat this, it’s hard, but it’s doable. Even if you’re terrified, even if you have no interest in being a monk and you’re not an extremist by nature, I know that sitting in silence for a few hours will challenge your mind. This will take a beginner from point A (in my case kicking and screaming) to point B (meditating in a very healing, purifying way) .You can sit, move around, take a walk outside, but no verbal communication , no phones , no exercise ( walking is fine) ,no reading or journaling.
6:00 pm Greeting and Question Time
6:15 pm – 7:15 pm Meditate
7:15 pm Snack
7:45 pm – 8:45 pm Meditate
8:45 pm Reflection and Question Time“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.” — Leonardo da VinciContact Connie 217-620-3306Fee- 10.00
( Money will be donated to Oasis)