Fall is the season of transformation!


We can see this all around us in nature: the leaves are falling, the air is changing and we are harvesting an entirely new crop of fruits and vegetables.

It is important that we change with the seasons — just as nature does — by adapting our daily habits,food choices and yoga practice…Ironically, it is only through change that was can stay grounded during this shifting season.

Emotional Maturity

In today’s world, we are always in motion, always exposed to the noise of information, to visual congestion, and to the media. Our instinct is to shut down and hide maybe even run away. It takes an enormous amount of “emotional maturity” to keep our options open rather than to submit to our instinct to flight or fight nature. Therefore, we never have time to be with ourselves or to relate to others and make excuses as I am too busy (overused words) which layered with cynical and egotistical attachments. Over-scheduled? Scared of downtime? Afraid of silence? Is busy-ness a choice? Is this why you are suffering? Sure, there are projects, appointments and plenty days with a full schedule, but how to approach those moments is entirely up to you. Begin with taking responsibility to stop what is stimulating the pain.
Yoga teaches us to slow down, to let go of the busyness, to rediscover how to feel, to tune into the body, to observe, to live mindfully and to silence to reconnect with our thoughts.
Have compassion for yourself and stop missing out on “your amazing life”!

How to Balance Better in Yoga

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How to Balance Better in Yoga


Date- November 13th

Time: 2:00- 3:30 pm

Cost- $10.00


When I’m teaching, particularly during balancing postures, I often see people rushing to get into poses and then getting frustrated when they can’t maintain their balance and wind up falling over. There are two ways to fix this, and they’re both relatively simple solutions.

You will learn the balancing secrets in this workshop…

Instructor- Connie Pease

reserve your spot www.yogaatconnies.com  click schedule and click on the event date…





yoga and wine- event is full



“Practice yoga and enjoy your favorite wines”
Why Vino y Yoga blends so well. They are similar, like every pairing, every class is different and everyone will have their own unique experience each time.
Wines from “The Decanter Fine Wine and Spirits” in Decatur
Date: October 21st
Fee: $10.00
Time: 6-7:30 pm
Instructor: Connie Pease


Yin-Yasa Iyengar Approach

Yin-Yasa ” Iyengar Approach
First half of the class starts with modified seated and balance poses with a personal assessment of your body alignment and learning about your spine . The second half of Yin-Yasa includes seated and reclining poses that safety stretches muscles which strengthens your joints, and held passively for up to 5 minutes or longer. There are 3 key principles to the practice:
1.Softness: The muscles are relaxed and cool (not warm or hot). Come into the pose to your appropriate edge – where you feel something (Yin is not Restorative Yoga aka the yoga of being).
2.Stillness: Remain still without moving, fidgeting or adjusting (unless there is pain or panic).
3.Steadiness: Stay in the posture passively for time (1 minute).

Paul Grilley made it very clear that his YIN Yoga is for people who have practiced yoga regularly (daily) for at least 2 years. I do not teach this type of Yin -this class is for everyone because we do not take you into deep without knowing what you should be feeling…

Wednesday 6:30 pm

Dates: September 21st . 28th
Contact Connie at conniepease@hotmail.com
Drop In Fee- 9.00
Go to Schedule and click on store.

THERE BACK!! Decatur Library “FREE YOGA” Classes

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THERE BACK!! Decatur Library “FREE YOGA” Classes
BYOYM (Bring your own yoga mat and block) and come learn how yoga can enrich your life!

All Levels Yoga

Class Time: Noon until 1 pm
Location: Madden Auditorium
130 N Franklin St, Decatur, IL 62523
Instructors- Connie Pease and Olivia Rousseau
Connie       Olivia

4/4                                  4/18

5/2                                   5/16

6/ 6                                  6/20

7/4                                    7/18

8/1                                     8/15


Thank you for supporting Yoga at Scovill Zoo!


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We raised over 400.00 and thank you for your generous donation!! You can still donate online and Libby’s class this Sunday is accepting donations…


June is Zoo and Aquarium Month!
Join us for our first Yoga at the Scovill Zoo! You’ll enjoy a tranquil morning of yoga at the Scovill Zoo. From kids, beginners to experts, Yoga at the Scovill Zoo is for anyone who enjoys yoga or wants to try it. Kick-off your summer and yoga enthusiasts at this incredible event!
We will meet in the center of the Zoo and after class meet a few of the animals.
Instructors from Yoga at Connie’s will guide the class.

Dates: June 18th
Times :9:00 am- 10:00 am
Ages: Children with their favorite Adults and Adults
What to bring- mat and water
Cost/ Donation Base- No Entry Fee and All proceeds will go to the Zoo!! (If you can’t make it you can adopt a zoo animal)

Last year Yoga at Connie’s studio supported “Yoga for Cats” that went viral and this year we are excited to help save endangered species.

Online Classes


Yoga Ease
The studio will be offering online classes for downloading starting in July. We will be creating new sequences, offering workshops,guided meditation and private lessons. You can enjoy a free 30 minute yoga video podcast or download for 99 cents. More Details Soon